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The five key elements that a strategy should contain

I want, in a future blog, to look at what Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies (JHWS’s) could and should look like, and how they so often fail to achieve their potential.  My feeling, for a long time [e.g. from 2014], has been that many

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Another month, another mental health meeting

V – so, another month, another mental health meeting? A – Indeed. V – so what happened?  Wasn’t there a presentation to be made to the Health and Wellbeing Board? A – Yes.  A draft presentation was circulated several weeks ago and I replied within

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The Third Meeting

Dramatis Personae: A = me V = Val, my mentor M = Malcolm, another player in the system, (perhaps more typical of others than I am) V – so how’s the mental health strategy progressing? A – Inching forward – I keep adding bits to

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The murky light of dawn

V – Last time we talked, you were outlining a draft mental health strategy. A – that’s right: broad brush and long term, but a coherent logic. V – so how has it progressed since then? A – I’ve presented it at two meetings.  The