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The five key elements that a strategy should contain

I want, in a future blog, to look at what Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies (JHWS’s) could and should look like, and how they so often fail to achieve their potential.  My feeling, for a long time [e.g. from 2014], has been that many

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Did he have to die?

My dad died in hospital in June. I suspect that his death wasn’t inevitable. He was 91, he had sepsis, which is difficult to spot, and it happened in the middle of the night.  So it would be hard to blame the hospital for his

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Partnerships like machines?

V – so, what’s been happening?  There wasn’t a blog last month was there; have you been away? A – yes, three weeks in Australia. M – all right for some. V – anything to report then? A – not much.  One of the committees

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Advice for a news addict

No meetings to report on this month, what with holidays.  However, having been away, I’ve spent quite a lot of time catching up with health and wellbeing policy news.  In fact too much time.  It’s not really an obsession but I do feel an imperative

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STPs – where are they headed?

So, the latest iteration of STPs had to be submitted by 21st October and despite – or perhaps because of – the NHS England calls for secrecy, the controversy surrounding them continues to grow. How this all fits with progress on the Five Year Forward

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The Conceptual Confusion of ‘Priorities’

Thousands and perhaps even millions of pounds are wasted through misunderstanding the concept of priorities, despite it being so commonly used and being apparently such a simple idea.  The cost comes from wasted time in meetings and the missed opportunities to be more effective. It’s