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This is the website of Adrian Barker, trading as Equwell Strategies.

I will be gradually adding more information to the site.  At the moment the main content is a series of summaries of and links to news items on health and wellbeing policy (likely to be relevant to members of health and wellbeing boards and others).  I have been collecting these on a weekly basis since January 2012 and they are organised by quarters.  There is also a glossary of abbreviations and terms I have been collecting over the last few years.

I would very much like this to be an interactive site so would welcome comments and contributions (which will be moderated).


Spam email: I have been receiving a  number of ‘message undeliverable’ emails which look as though the original email came from my domain name.  I can only assume that a spammer has been using my domain in the ‘reply to’ field (which I gather is easy to do, though I’m not sure why they do it).  Please be assured that I am not sending out any spam, and please do not hold it against this website.

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