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Public officials lie! But don’t we all.

V – Any progress on the mental health crisis review that you reported on last time? A – An update to the Health and Wellbeing Board suggested the authorities were supporting such a review. V – Good news. A – Yes, but I wanted to

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Co-ordination of individual patient care in hospital

My mum is in hospital so I’ve witnessed the NHS at close quarters recently.  I thought it worth recording some thoughts from the perspective of my interest in patient and public engagement and in co-ordination both within and between organisations.   Her care has been

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Improvement is simple

Improvement is simple. That is one of the messages I took from a fascinating event today.  It was a welcome for new members of the Q improvement community, which is sponsored by the Health Foundation and NHS Improvement.  However, that wasn’t the whole message. One

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Peer learning, Knowledge Hub and a ‘wiki-database’

Learning from each other is important – across local government, the rest of the public sector and beyond.  It’s how we improve.  Without it, the relationship between inputs and outputs remains the same and there are few opportunities to make savings apart from cutting services.