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Shared accountability in partnerships

We’ve got solar panels and an electric car.  Which is great.  We fuel a good proportion of our mileage on pure smugness. However … there’s a setting on the charger that lets you charge the car only when there’s an adequate surplus, so you’re just

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Making meetings better

V – so what’s new this month? A – the thing that struck me was the number of meetings that were a waste of time or not as effective as they could be. M – Oh same old, same old.  If only the rest of

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A Framework for Evaluating Partnerships

One of the groups that I’m on is reviewing its progress to date, so I thought that might be a good opportunity to dust off and update my framework for assessing partnerships. It has 5 top level categories: Aims, results, context, capacity and process.  The

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Partnerships like machines?

V – so, what’s been happening?  There wasn’t a blog last month was there; have you been away? A – yes, three weeks in Australia. M – all right for some. V – anything to report then? A – not much.  One of the committees