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Partnerships – making progress through gentle perseverance

V – So, where are you with the mental health work?

A – not much to report.  Just a couple of small things.  I was re-reading some previous blogs and there is progress on some issues I mentioned before.

V – which are?

A –  I said last time that I thought we were approaching the objective of a digital community resource directory too narrowly.  A council list of community organisations is being revised so that’s being tweaked to include a particular mental health focus.  But I thought we should consider other functionality, such as more general advice, and maybe broadening it out to health and wellbeing more generally.

V – and?

A – I and others made those points at the meeting, and I was asked to lead a little sub-group working on it.

V – And making progress through sub-groups was something else you thought would be helpful.

A – Indeed.

V – Anything else?

A – Well in the digital resource discussion, and also talking about how to take forward the peer support proposals, I said at the meeting that this had been addressed in the report that had gone to the January Health and Wellbeing Board.

V – The one you wrote and that you thought was going to be largely ignored?

A – Yes.  But the chair suggested it be re-circulated to everyone, so it may get a bit of attention after all.

M – So haven’t you done well.,  You’ve managed to drag the poor benighted committee closer to your supreme omniscience.

A – I’m not saying that at all.  There’s lots more knowledge and experience in the room than I have.  I suppose I was just saying that the problems I’d noted aren’t necessarily systemic and it’s worth continuing to gently press on issues rather than give up.

V – Not earth shattering advice, but perhaps a helpful reminder.  Thanks for the update.

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