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What the NHS needs is more bureaucrats

It’s a familiar cry – the NHS needs staff at the front line and fewer bureaucrats and administrators.  Or as it was put to me the other day, with a little re-writing for political correctness – “we need fewer chiefs and more ‘native Americans’”. I’d

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Progress with the Five Year Forward View

I thought the Five Year Forward View (5YFV) had a lot of promise.  It identified the key issues: “we need to take our own health seriously, change the way services are provided, and yes ask the next government to support us financially”, source: press release)

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Can the parties’ policies fix our health?

Can the political parties’ auction of promises make the difference that’s needed for our health and wellbeing?  (That’s the UK 2015 general election, by the way, in case you’re reading this some time later and/or from elsewhere in the world.  And it’s the May election